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Pre-mastering is the process of getting your audio ready for the cassette duplication.

Below is what you need to know to have your audio files ready to send to us...

Source Audio Files for Cassette:

24 bit 96kHz WAV or AIFF format file is the  pre-master standard. Other file resolutions are acceptable, down to CD quality audio, 16 bit 44.1kHz.

File resolution should be the highest available, but should not be converted up to a higher resolution.

The source audio files should be provided as a single WAV or AIFF format file for each side, with track spacing as it is intended to appear on the cassette and with an accompanying Tracklisting sheet (also called a PQ Sheet), indicating track IDs.

MP3 audio is not a suitable source for casette production.

Cassette Length:

The tape length can be as little as 1 minute to a max playing time of 90 minutes. The length of tape will affect your price per unit.

Microforum needs to know the total length of your album. Cassettes have 2 sides and we will cut the tape to length based on the longer of the 2 sides.

Cassette Tape Types:

Microforum offers 2 different tape types to choose from, Super Ferric Tape and Cobalt Tape.

  • Super Ferric Tape (MOST POPULAR)

    Super Ferric (C456TM) is an ultra-high performance Type I cassette tape delivering the highest signal-to-noise ratio (head room) ever achieved by a ferric cassette tape and is created with the finest magnetic recording oxide ever discovered. With custom bias settings it delivers the high output and frequency response previously available only in the best type II tapes. It is designed to be recorded at very high levels and provides deep, mellow bass, warm mid-range, and crystal clear high frequencies.
  • COBALT TAPES: Cobalt oxide Type II High Bias tapes. (PREMIUM TAPE  - UPGRADE)

    Cobalt oxide Type II (C756TM) is a high bias tape for the most demanding recording applications, C756 sets the gold standard in Type II performance. Cobalt oxide combines outstanding output and low distortion providing unmatched musical clarity.

    This tape delivers up to 4db more output than earlier Type II tapes without saturation or distortion. (Specification is for +2 db over biasing at 6.3 kHz. 20 db below reference level. Record Equalization — For optimum performance, record equalization should be set after biasing as the oxide in this tape responds somewhat differently due to its high performance characteristics.)


Ordering your next cassette release couldn't be easier. Just fill out the below forms and submit along with your audio files.
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