Disc Printing Options

Microforum offers 3 printing methods for your disc surface.

Offset Disc Printing
Silk screening onto the disc
Digital Disc Printing for short runs

If the disc is unique and unreadable and can't be replaced, then use a soft lint-free cloth and soapy water (distilled is best). The cloth must be free of any particles or hard fibres that could scratch the disk. The cleaning agent must be a soap, such as Ivory Liquid and not detergents or solvents such as alcohol. Gently wipe in a straight line from the hub to the outside with a wet cloth (error correction methods are better at correcting scratches and marks that go from the center out) and avoid any unnecessary pressure on the disc surface. Scratched discs cannot be repaired by the use of pastes (toothpaste) and waxes (car polish). The use of these solutions can actually increase read error rates even though the visual appearance of the surface may have improved.

Microforum’s offset printing presses are capable of printing a maximum of 6 colours on your disc face (CMYK + white + an additional Pantone). Microforum’s silk screen presses can lay down up to 5 separate Pantone colours on a disc. Silk screen produces the best results for deep solid colours, whereas offset disc printing is best suited to full colour photos and imagery. For short runs, Microforum also offers digital disc printing with three finishing options: standard, matte upgrade and high gloss upgrade finishes.

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